Monday, 4 July 2011

Study the History of Winnipeg in a North End Setting

The History of Winnipeg, HIST 3544/6, is taking a new direction this September.

I will offer the course off our main campus for the first time in North End Winnipeg. In the fall term, the course will be taught in the new classrooms of the UW Inner-Cities Studies store front offices on Selkirk Ave. and, during winter term, in the Ukrainian Labour Temple on Pritchard Ave. The ULT was recently designated a National Historic Site by the government of Canada.

The History of Winnipeg investigates the themes of ethnicity, race, gender, social class, politics, culture, and economic transformation in the historical context of Winnipeg’s past and present.

The citizens of Winnipeg and the city’s physical space will be the primary resources for the course. The Winnipeg General Strike tour, explorations of the North End and other neighbourhoods, and visits to various public institutions will be integral dimensions of this course. Also, a section of the course will focus on oral tradition, an essential dimension of Aboriginal history, and oral history to prepare students for projects grounded in their communities in Winnipeg.

 Wednesday, 1:30 PM- 4:15 PM

For information contact: Nolan Reilly at

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