Thursday, 15 November 2018

100th Anniversary The Strike

Next year will be the centenary of the General Sympathetic Strike.
Events are being planned now for 2019, so mark your calendar:


STRIKE  Speakers Series               March 20 - April 17, Millennium Library

1919 STRIKE Exhibit                     March, Manitoba Museum

Book Launch: Magnificent Fight     April 25 (tentative) McNally Robinson

1919 Strike Conference                   May 9-12, University of Winnipeg

Myers LLP Social                          May 11, 2019, Ukrainian Labour Temple

Mb Building Trades Gala Dinner      May 15, Convention Centre

UFCW Parade & CUPE Concert         May 25th,  Exchange District to Memorial Park

Sympathetic Strike Tour                   May 26, North end/South End/Exchange

MGEU Concert                           June 8,  Old market square

STRIKE the musical                    June 19 - July 9, Rainbow Stage

Memorial of Blood Saturday         June 21, @ corner Market Ave. / Main St.


100th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Labour Temple
February 14

Social Planning Council of Winnipeg 100th
April  26th

MayWorks Festival of Labour and the Arts
May, numerous locations

Heritage Winnipeg, Open Doors                   
May 25 & 26, various important historical sites

Premier of  movie STAND (was known as STRIKE the musical)
June ???

Also note for this year;

Influenza Epidemic
Fall of 1918 into 1919
a major event affecting Winnipeggers that led into the 1919 Strike

Walker Theatre Meeting
December 22, 1918
a significant event in labour making a strong political statement, leading into the actions of 1919-20

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