Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Victoria Parkette

Who knows where the Victoria Parkette is located?
It is a small section of land, at the corner of Lily and James, near the waterfront. It is intended to remind everyone of Victoria Park that was once a central feature of the City's park infrastructure.

The owners of the land have set up Victoria Parkette on their own, as they saw the significance of the Park to our social history. Jon Brown of Leon Brown initiated the effort and I think we should applaud him and his family for it. The signage is now removed  (September 2016)but for at least a few years this was the only memorial to Victoria Park.

The Parkette is not on the original land of Victoria Park as that land is now occupied by a condominium development and a hydro station. The City of Winnipeg has done virtually nothing to commemorate the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 and Victoria Park, so it has fallen to people like Jon and those involved in the Labour History Project to maintain this important place in history.

Watch Videos:  Victoria Park and Victoria Parkette

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