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The area around the Alexander Docks, in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, is one of the city’s most important historical places, but one that is in danger of being forgotten and lost to future generations of citizens.

The Red River has been designated a heritage river by the Canadian government and very few Winnipeggers know. While there have been some civic efforts to preserve and promote the historical significance of the Exchange District, there has been little done along the Red River, directly east of the District. During the late 1990’s plans were developed for restoring Victoria Park to its former glory but nothing was done.

A modest historical development is ideally suited for the area, that will preserve the social significance of the area and be a public facility complimenting other attractions in the Exchange District. There was a plan to create a landscaped area and structure that represents the late 19th and early 20th century Winnipeg. By rejuvenating the existing habour master’s building and creating new recreational attractions, we wanted to create a new meeting place that reflects what once existed in this area. The WLC Labour History Project proposed A Place to Rendezvous and Remember, a three-phase development for the Harbour Master’s Building at Site B in the Alexander Dock area.

The Friends of Victoria Park is comprised of private individuals who are interested in keeping alive the history of  Victoria Park and therefore the people it was dedicated to. The Park is a symbol of the collective enterprise and vision that brought the settleers to the Red River valley. The Park is a icon of social justice in a community that continues to suffer the struggles between those with and those without property.

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