Friday, 26 November 2010


Manitoba News Release


November 26, 2010

New legislation is being proposed that would enhance the City of Winnipeg's ability to preserve and protect historic properties, Local Government Minister Ron Lemieux announced today.

"It is important to preserve, protect and develop our heritage," said Lemieux.  "Historic buildings and sites provide us with a sense of identity and teach us about the people and events that make up our shared past."

Currently, the City of Winnipeg only has the authority to designate buildings as historic properties. Through this legislation, that authority would be expanded to also allow sites such as parks and cemeteries to be designated as historic.

The legislation would also require the city to register historic designations of buildings and sites on property titles.  The minister noted the city requested changes to the legislation to ensure that property owners and others with an interest in the property are aware of potential development restrictions of a property with an historic designation.

"We are pleased to work with the city to safeguard buildings and properties that hold special significance from the past to preserve them for future generations," said Lemieux.

The proposed legislation would give the city the same power as all other municipalities, which already have authority to designate sites and are required to register historic designations on property titles.

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